Farm Life

Living in the North Fork Valley has given our family the opportunity to experience animal husbandry.  Our daughters, Sarah and Beth, have raised a variety of animals in the 4H program.  They have sold their eggs and lamb at the Aspen Farmers market for many years.  The money earned payed for the purchase and care of their horses.


As 10 year members of 4H, they have participated in the horse program, becoming very skilled equestrians.  A breeding project they are most proud of is our Miniature horses.  These adorable little guys have been trained to pull pony carts and even compete in Combined Driving Events.  We have several available for sale.




Nothing beats the dog project though.  Sarah and Beth have bred Yorkshire Terriers during their years in 4H.  Due to continued request for these smart little dogs, we continue to breed them and have a litter each summer.  Contact us if you are interested in puppies or horses.